Saturday, August 12, 2017

Make $$$ By Refilling Laser Toners

Today, Laser Printers are very common office and home machine that we use for day to day document printing purposes. From the beginning of 1960, we started printing using laser based printers. Hp, Xerox, Canon, LexMark and Brother are very common laser printer brand names. Toners are the containers of powdered inks that we should repeatedly supply to the printer.
There are a big market for the laser toners around the world. We can buy original and compatible toners from the market. Their prices and different. We also can refill the toners when they out of powder. This is a cheap way to reduce the printing cost. Some refilling institution make a lot of money by doing this in my country. It is not difficult getting a training about this online or offline. 2-3 weeks training is enough to jump start this business.
If you are an expert person on refilling, you can improve your business by re-manufacturing toners. You can buy ready made laser toner parts (such as drums, wiper blades, magnet, primary charger roller and so on) and assembly a toner-cartridge and pack them in a cardboard box and sell them as a re-manufactured-toner under your own brand name.

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