Monday, July 20, 2015

Best Jobs for Women - Doulas

The word "Doula" comes from Greek and the meaning is women's servant. The doulas help ladies before, during and just after the childbirth. Also, doula looks after her partner too. These are not medical professional. They have no clinical responsibilities. Providing of continuous physical and emotional supports are their main role in this position. According to the survey that held in US in 2006, 3% of mothers has got supports from doulas. Using a doula has proven a positive impact at the labor room. So, many mothers wish to hire "Doulas" at their pregnancy period. Some words such as labor-support-specialists, labor companions and birth assistants are used to introduce these professional. 

As a doula, you will be earned a good amount of cash in a short period. Their salary dependent on the location, experience and the number of clients they receive. Working in big cities like New York City or Seattle are financially lucrative than in small towns. There are two reasons to use "top jobs for women" in my title. One is respective job and the other is good salary job. These employments are especially suited for "stay at home ladies" who need to make real money while helping others. 
You can use and to search doulas vacancies all over the world.

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Seymoursan said...

woman servant is very important at the pregnant season. I have seen a lot of women use this category at the labor-rooms. Very helpful employment category.