Monday, July 6, 2015

Make real income with Laser Toner Refilling

Today, I want to introduce a new and profitable home based business which, is rapidly spreading over the world. It is refilling and re-manufacturing of laser toners. 
There are various kind of laser toners such as HP, Samsung, Brother, Lexmark, Epson and so on. Buying of these kinds of original toners are very difficult as they are expensive. As an example, one brand new printer's price is about $130. But original new toners which suit to this printer price is about $85. So, some people throw away the printer after finishing the toner which received with the printer. 
This is a good point for you to start a business by refilling laser toners from your home workshop. First, you have to learn the way to refill laser toner with an experienced person. The most important thing are these toner powders and chemicals are very bad to the health. So, you have to use mask, gloves and other safety equipment, tools and methods when you start this new work at home job. 
You can publish your business using the internet and other written media at your area. Nowadays most offices, shops and some special people use one or few laser printers. This can be very profitable and best business online and offline.

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