Saturday, July 11, 2015

Make conductive paints at home to earn money

What is Conductive Paint?

Conductive Paint (CP) is similar to other water based or thinner based paints. You can apply using a paintbrush or spray gun. One of the special features is this paint has electrical conductivity.

For which applications this paint is used for?
Conductive paint can use to make paint-wires. You can apply them on clothes, furniture, wall and so on to carry electricity. One of the common equipment that this paint have used is computer keyboards.

How to make?

You can use graphite powder, glue and water or other solutions. Use an ohm meter to check the quality of the mixture. When improving your experience, you can make more and more quality paint with electrically conductive.

How to start work at home business?

This is a good opportunity for those who need to do home based jobs. If you can make real CP, you can put them in to various size containers and mention company name with other require details on it. Now deliver them to shops such as hardware stores, electrical shops and more. A few years ago I used this idea to earn money to make my living. But, with my new job, I have no time to spend for it.


Tony said...

Conductive coatings, paint and other applications are very expensive. So, starting s business is good idea. Also, we can make conductive tape, conductive ink and much more.

Rosairo said...

I tried to make conductive ink using graphite. But, I couldn't do it. Is graphite conductive material?