Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Draftsman jobs for online and offline workers

The draughtsman is the one who makes plans & technical-drawings according to an architecture's or engineer instructions. This is a much responsible and time-consuming job that we can see commonly at construction field. Both male and female employees work under salary or contract basis in many companies all over the world. Most employers pay high salary for their draughtsman/ draughtsperson with high benefits. Also, this is a very common vacancy which we can see popular news papers every day.
As a beginner you can follow a famous draughtsman course at private or government educational institution in your local area. Duration of course can be varied from three months to one year. While you are taking a course, you can join with a company as a trainee draughtsman. Some companies willing to pay considerable pocket money for the trainees. Also, you can start your home office to make money in your free time by making plans and drawing to others who need your help. I have seen some people make more than the company salary working as a part-time draftsman.
Further, you can use this as online work at home opportunity. Some sites ask for qualified draftsmen for online part-time workers. So, if you are a job finder try this for better tomorrow.

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Ramba said...

High cost of living. So, need millions of jobs. Draftsman is a good position in the jobs field. Also, people must follow, architectural courses to find jobs easily.