Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Make Money Answering Questions

With a previous post I have introduced you With this I am going to add extension to that article which introduce you "how to make money answering question".

We can see a range of text-answering services are located in the UK. Here, people can submit any kind of questions that they face in their life, via text messages to these answering services. In return people will receive better solutions for every question they asked. Now, you can be a part of this answering community and earn around £10 per hour while you have fun.

Customers can ask question from anywhere in the world. These services have opened for them 24/7 and all answers are supervised. The companies receive over 20,000 questions a day from all over the world. I have mentioned below some popular text answering services for further information. -

You have to email them asking more information and application form. Then, you have to complete a test that is conducted by them. You must be excellent in grammar and punctuation. Also, speed answering is considered. -

This company has launched since 1992. You have to apply and face for a test. They will test you on your research skills and knowledge. Regularly they are not recruiting members. So, you have to keep eye on their website.


Carla Easley said...

Is this opportunity only for individuals in the UK? I've made some money in the past answering questions for an Adsense revenue sharingh site called Web Answers and always looking for extra eggs to add to my basket while working from home.

charlie85 said...

I like very much to earn cash using this method. I already use ChaCha that is popular and paying text-answering service. They have paid me several times. I appreciate flexibility of this income opportunity.

Transcription Comapny said...

Earning cash through this method is not an easy task but also not very tough. I like this profession and earned money.