Friday, February 10, 2012

Ink Cartridge Refill Business

This time I want to introduce you, a little different business idea that is getting popular and brings good-income to your pocket. It is "inkjet cartridge refilling business". Today, even many houses use at least one printer. Photocopy, printers and fax machines are very common these days in our societies. So, parts and ink have to use again and again. Most original cartridges are very expensive. So, you have to spend a lot of money to buy new. Refilling ink cartridges and reuse them is the better way to increase profit and develop the business.

Many business owners and printer/copier machine users don't know the way of refilling cartridges. On the other hand, they are not interested in refilling cartridges by themselves. So, you can take advantages from this opportunity. Few hours training is enough to start this opportunity. You have to buy some cheap tools and ink. You will need a better place to set-up your small business. Publication is the most important and it is the major part of your business. You can use also local newspapers and other medias too. Further, you can publish visiting cards and wall posters to drive customers. Offline publication works are most important than the online for this inkjet cartridge refilling business.

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charlie85 said...

There is a big market for this business. I live in India. A majority of printer /photocopy machine users refill their cartridges. This is a good idea for business sectors.

money_maker102 said...

I have my own communication. I use photocopy machine which original cartridge price is $105. Last time, I refill the cartridge and I spend only $43. From both methods copy output amount is almost the same.

Anton said...

I use 4 printers in my shop. I recycled cartridge several times. This is very profitable.