Sunday, December 11, 2011

What is Residual Income, Benefits & Opportunities

What is Residual Income?
Residual income is the income which continues to be paid for your some kind of works that have completed before. Further, income generated from indirect involvement as a result of the past activities. This is also called as passive income too. You all know about making income by renting things such as houses, lands, machinery and so on. These are the most common examples to understand residual income (RI).
The real benefit that we can get from residual income opportunities is getting paid over and over for a long period. The passive income is counted as source of income. So, you can apply for a loan or a credit card showing this income opportunity. RI can be a blessing of god, when you face unemployment. People will never out of cash until they have passive income opportunities.
Most Effective Residual Income Opportunities
This is old idea of generating income. But, this is very effective one.
Real Estate-
You can purchase a land, house or a farm and rent it out for long period. Some people use this for their living.
Agro Related Income Opportunities-
You can start to cultivate a land of fruits, tea, rubber or coconut. You can earn residual income for long period with minimum effort.
I hope that you can simply understand the phrase of “what is residual income”.

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