Monday, December 19, 2011

Small Business Ideas - Selling Crafts Online

Selling Crafts

 Some people use crafting as their hobby. You can turn your hobby into cash while you are enjoying with your crafts. Many people love crafts and they wish to decorate their houses with crafts. So, Selling crafts online or offline is a very profitable option under small business ideas.

With my previous posts, I have already introduced some legitimate small business ideas such as desktop publishing, gift basket business and so on.

If you are willing to create quality crafts, you have completed half of this business. Those who have no idea on crafting can find short training courses from your local technical institutions.

You can sell your crafts online as well as offline. Sign-in with crafts fairs or sell them to local distributors. Internet is the way to sell them from home.

How to set-up crafts business online-

1) Open a PayPal account. You can do it free of charge. PayPal is easy, secure and most popular money transaction method in online business field.

2) Start a shop at This is very popular online crafts marketplace. There are a lot of visitors each day.

3) Also, you can sell your crafts at eBay. Ebay is not especially design for crafts. But, there are many visitors and business options.

4) Use your own website to market your business.

5) Place advertisements on other's websites to promote your small business.

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Matthew Engquist said...

One of the things that can help you succeed in your business is if you're doing something you love the most. People who have the passion for what they do are usually the ones who are most successful because they enjoy what they are doing.