Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Life Coaching Jobs


Life coaching is a profession that helping people to achieve their goals and successfully manage their life. People, who get this service, believe on their life coach and his/her abilities. Life coaches are kind and they encourage their clients to be succeeded. The client expects all the answers for the question and challenges that he faces in his life, from the life coach. By today, life coaching has become a rewarding career. Business executives, corporate firms and CEOs are some examples that hire life coach's service.

Requirements for life coaching jobs

Therapist, scouts, counselors and people who enjoy by helping others are most suitable for this job category. To become a good life coach, he/she needs certain amount of training in a reputed institution. Training can be varied from state and country. Also, life coach must be a good listener.

Salaries for life coaching jobs

People should understand that the life coaching jobs are never easy to do. You must have the requisite personality and dynamism to succeed in this field. As a beginner, life coach can expect $20,000-35,000 salary as an US or European worker. If he/she has 5-9 years working experience, he/she can get $50,000 average salary. These salary scale can be varied from country to country.

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