Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ways To Make Money With A Blog

As I said before, blog is a place where you can share information with others. I also mentioned that there are ways to make money with a blog. Expert blog owners make thousands of dollars monthly with blogs. You can briefly read these opportunities below.

1) Adsense -

This is a primary way to make money with a blog. You will need to register for an adsense account to start Adsense advertisements on your blog/site. Adsense is an advertisement that auto generate according to your blog or site contents. When somebody click on advertisements, your account will be credited.

2) Selling e-Books -

If you have your own e-Books, you can sell them using your blog. If not you can sell others e-Books and get a commission from them.

3) Sell Direct Advertisement space -

This is the best second way to make money with a blog for me. I think, it will be the same for you. When your blog has many visitors, each square pixel on your blog has a value. So, you can sell them to others for advertisements and make money.

4) Affiliate Marketing -

This is another best way to generate income from your blog. Selling other's products and getting commission is "affiliate marketing". ClickBank and affiliatetraction are some popular affiliate networks.

5) Sponsored Reviews -

You can make money reviewing products on your blog. You can contact products owners directly or join with a review site to use this opportunity.

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