Sunday, November 27, 2011

Make Money with Focus Groups

Participating with Focus-Groups can be a quick and easy way to make extra money. You can make around $100 per each participate with reputable Focus Groups. Here, you have to face a table conference for few hours on such product, service, advertisement or similar things. These groups expect open and heartily opinion of you on the topic they submit.

How to Find Paid Focus Groups?

To find local F/Groups, visit to and select your country from drop down list in the "Focus Group Facilities" box. You can see a list of companies with their contact details. Apply to join with their Focus Groups online or contact them directly via the telephone. There is a huge database of companies that conduct Focus Groups at

Also, you can use to find more F/Groups. First, go to your city by clicking on related link at craigslist. Now, click on "ETC" tab that is under jobs category. Read the information they have provided and follow the "continue to job posting" link. You will see several companies with their details. Apply which are most suitable for you.


kalpanaganeshm said...

I just find a company Informatics Outsourcing from Google search. They are providing Quantitative Market Research and Qualitative Market Research Focus Research with affordable price.

Mac said...


Nice blog! The use of focus groups is the process of having people to discuss different subjects in groups, and thus allows the full interaction of the researcher with the targeted audience. It may provide rich insights into consumer motivations and behaviors because group members will probably feed off each other. Thanks...

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