Sunday, November 6, 2011

Make Money Selling Text Link Ads

Some times you may have already heard about text link advertisements. Some People worry to find work at home jobs, surfing the net whole the day. But, nothing return. Why are you waiting showing your hands until somebody keeps a job in your hands? These days finding the better work at home jobs are only dreams. If you are thinkable and creative minded, make money online can be little bit easy.

You will need a website or blog to make money selling text link advertisements. If your site has some traffic you will try the ways to monetize it. As a primary way, you will definitely try to earn using the Adsense. But, if you don't have an Adsense account because of any reason, you will need to find a second way. Thousands of people earn their living by selling advertisements as their work at home jobs.

On this topic, you can sell links directly to the buyers or you can join with an ad network such as to do the same. But, direct sales can be profitable. You can place a banner on your site saying "your text link advertisements here" or something similar to that. You can give links for a month, three months, six months, one year or as your wish. If your site has higher Google Page Rank, you can make higher amount of money. Most site owners wish to buy these ads because,

1) Drive traffic to their site
2) Increase Search Engine Position Ranking.

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Here its a very good concept regarding making money by selling text link ads.Now you don't have to wait long for the job,if you are creative and have good thoughts.