Sunday, November 27, 2011

Make Money with Focus Groups

Participating with Focus-Groups can be a quick and easy way to make extra money. You can make around $100 per each participate with reputable Focus Groups. Here, you have to face a table conference for few hours on such product, service, advertisement or similar things. These groups expect open and heartily opinion of you on the topic they submit.

How to Find Paid Focus Groups?

To find local F/Groups, visit to and select your country from drop down list in the "Focus Group Facilities" box. You can see a list of companies with their contact details. Apply to join with their Focus Groups online or contact them directly via the telephone. There is a huge database of companies that conduct Focus Groups at

Also, you can use to find more F/Groups. First, go to your city by clicking on related link at craigslist. Now, click on "ETC" tab that is under jobs category. Read the information they have provided and follow the "continue to job posting" link. You will see several companies with their details. Apply which are most suitable for you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Selling on Etsy

Etsy is a place where sellers and buyers meet together. Another simple introduction to Etsy is "world's handmade marketplace". As a seller, you can sell handmade, vintage and crafting supplies.

To sell handmade items, they (handmade) must be created by the seller or he (seller) should be a member of the collective. Vintage items must be at least twenty years old for selling them at Etsy.

To begin, you have to register for a free account at Etsy. To become a seller, you should upgrade your account to seller status. Then, you can list your selling items as your wish. Per each listing you have to pay $0.20 and per each sale you have to pay 3.5% of the total sale price to the Etsy. Shipping price has not been included in this percentage. All items are listed for four months. Each item, you can upload five photos. You can customize your shop including profile, banner and feedback.

When you list the items, buyers can directly contact you and buy them from you. You will have to ship the goods to customer's location.

You can pay Etsy using either credit card or via PayPal. Today, buying and selling on Etsy have become much easier than ever.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ways to Make Money Writing Online - TextBroker

I have mentioned before that there are many opportunities to make money as a good writer. We can see daily increasing trend in online writing jobs. Specially, the quality English writers can make a lot of money by doing it as full-time jobs.

What is TextBroker?

TextBroker is a site where both writers and article buyers meet together. There are huge job database with TextBroker. Anyone can list writing works that they want done. If they are accepted as a writer, you can complete these opportunities and make money online. Here, I want to highlight you that the TextBroker is upfront pay writing site.

How much you can make money writing online?

It will depend on your writing skill. TextBroker rank their writers level2-level5. Level2 writers can get little less than one cent per each word while level3 writers get one cent per word. Level4 and level5 will be paid around two cent and around five cents a word.

Date of payment?

According to the new regulations, pays you on weekly basis. You can ask the payment on every Thursday and you are paid on every Friday. Payments will be made via Paypal.

For joining with them, you have to apply with 200+ words short sample article on a topic they have given. I can't say surely that they hire international members. But, you can write them via email asking to join with them. is a good place to those who needs work at home jobs.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ways To Make Money With A Blog

As I said before, blog is a place where you can share information with others. I also mentioned that there are ways to make money with a blog. Expert blog owners make thousands of dollars monthly with blogs. You can briefly read these opportunities below.

1) Adsense -

This is a primary way to make money with a blog. You will need to register for an adsense account to start Adsense advertisements on your blog/site. Adsense is an advertisement that auto generate according to your blog or site contents. When somebody click on advertisements, your account will be credited.

2) Selling e-Books -

If you have your own e-Books, you can sell them using your blog. If not you can sell others e-Books and get a commission from them.

3) Sell Direct Advertisement space -

This is the best second way to make money with a blog for me. I think, it will be the same for you. When your blog has many visitors, each square pixel on your blog has a value. So, you can sell them to others for advertisements and make money.

4) Affiliate Marketing -

This is another best way to generate income from your blog. Selling other's products and getting commission is "affiliate marketing". ClickBank and affiliatetraction are some popular affiliate networks.

5) Sponsored Reviews -

You can make money reviewing products on your blog. You can contact products owners directly or join with a review site to use this opportunity.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ideas For Stay At Home Moms To Make Money

By 21st Centuary, most moms have begun to work at offices in various fields such as banking, insurance, transport and even security forces to make money. As of this situation these families have faced many social and family problems. Mother is the main character at home when considering home and children's works. Moms who work at offices have no enough time to spend with their children and home works.

So, work at home moms are the best way for success families. Here, I would like to introduce some ideas for stay at home moms to make money while doing their home works.

Become a Party Planner

Most families celebrate their kid's birthdays and special occasions arranging parties. Many arrangements are made by mothers. So, why don't you become a party planner and make money at home.

We can see wide range of parties like Anniversary, Birthday, get together and many more. So, if you are a good planner you will be busy in this field. Start-up cost is low when we compare with other work at home businesses. You can arrange front room of your house as the office. Basically, you have to buy tables, chairs, linens and costumes. Good party-planner can make average $30,000 annual income as a part-time job.

Gift Basket Business

One of the best ideas for moms to make money. Very low initial cost and training is enough to start this home income opportunity. You will be able to get assisted from your kiddies and others to successfully proceed and develop this business. Try to buy baskets for cheap prices from your local sales agent. You can ask them to finish the basket as your requirements. Including in a gift basket can be changed with the type of gift.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Make Money Selling Text Link Ads

Some times you may have already heard about text link advertisements. Some People worry to find work at home jobs, surfing the net whole the day. But, nothing return. Why are you waiting showing your hands until somebody keeps a job in your hands? These days finding the better work at home jobs are only dreams. If you are thinkable and creative minded, make money online can be little bit easy.

You will need a website or blog to make money selling text link advertisements. If your site has some traffic you will try the ways to monetize it. As a primary way, you will definitely try to earn using the Adsense. But, if you don't have an Adsense account because of any reason, you will need to find a second way. Thousands of people earn their living by selling advertisements as their work at home jobs.

On this topic, you can sell links directly to the buyers or you can join with an ad network such as to do the same. But, direct sales can be profitable. You can place a banner on your site saying "your text link advertisements here" or something similar to that. You can give links for a month, three months, six months, one year or as your wish. If your site has higher Google Page Rank, you can make higher amount of money. Most site owners wish to buy these ads because,

1) Drive traffic to their site
2) Increase Search Engine Position Ranking.

Friday, November 4, 2011

How To Avoid Work From Home Scams

The first lesson people who love to work at home using the internet must learn is work at home scams and how to avoid it. The path to work from home is littered with scams and traps. So, be carefully when you are searching for legitimate home jobs.

A few days ago I tried to join with a particular job offering website which says make money by writing articles. According to the site we can make over $15,000 per month as an article writer. They say only we need to start this job is a computer, internet and spend few hours per-day. I was very happy. I chatted with them more and more. Finally, I could to hear that I have to pay $50 as a start-up fee. I was afraid. I gave-up the interest in that job. Why should we pay them to make money? We have gone there to earn. Not for spending our poor pocket. This is one kind of scam that ask money for starting-up fee or covering the cost of necessary training.

Another big scam is pushing you to act now. You may have seen some sites say this offer expires on that day. When you visit back on next day, you can see the same offer exists and it says as before.

If you are unsure about a particular company, you can do some research online to get information about it. You can ask question on forums. Also, try to get answers from "question and answering sites" such as "yahoo answer community" and "". Also, you can check the site at Better Business Bureau website. Most of scam sites have mentioned there.

Some people already earn money using legitimate home jobs. If you can find these opportunities you too can be succeeded. For that you can use on message boards or finding e-mail groups for searching ideas of working at home.