Friday, August 26, 2011

Make Money From Squidoo

Squidoo is a site where you are able to set up mini-websites called lenses on any topic that appeals to you for free. There are some subjects that are not permitted on Squidoo, so before you get started read all the information concerning the do’s and don’t’s of this site. Many people are actually earning a living from Squidoo. It does take time and will not happen overnight. Look through the various lenses on the site to get an idea of what others are writing about.
There are several ways you can work from home and make money from Squidoo. If you have an online business, you can promote your business in your lenses and sell some of your products. Just add links to your main site and provide information about each product that you want to promote. Visitors can then click through to make a purchase.
If you don’t have any product of your own to sell, you can make money though Amazon, Ebay and CafePress modules. Select items that match the focus of the lens and add them. You get paid a commission when a visitor makes a purchase through your lens. In this way, you become an affiliate marketer.
Even if you don’t sell anything from your lens, you can still make money on this site. All lensmasters receive a share of the revenue from Google Adsense, InfoLinks and Chitika ads. The lensrank of each of your lenses determines the amount of money that you make. If your lens has a rank of less than 2000 then you will be among the highly paid. Having quite a few in this category will make all the difference to your earnings. You do need to have exceptional lenses with quite a bit of traffic though to achieve this.

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