Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Earn Money Online Without Investment - Logos

Earn Money Online Without Investment - Logos

Every day hundreds of new sites and blogs add to the Internet. Logos are very important when somebody designs a blog/website. So, there is a big market for quality logos because many site owners don't know to create a logo. So, if you have talent to create nice logos, you can earn money online without investment. Create some sample designs and promote your business in forums, blogs and other free sites. If you don't have any professional type software, you can use some free and demo versions for that. "PhotoFilter" is such a good free imaging tool that you can use easily.


John Fayas said...

I use the software which you have mentioned. But, I have no idea to use this soft. Could you please give me some guide?

sri said...

Ya..It's nice idea to earn money...But i am doing the domain reselling business.I have an account with Goresellers.com..
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