Saturday, June 4, 2011

Successful Online Business (Selling Graphics)

Are you a quality graphic designer? If yes, you can earn extra income from home by selling them online. is a site that connect graphic sellers and buyers together. Making a product can be easy. But, selling is the crucial point in the most businesses. If somebody take-over your products to sell, it is a big help to success your business. Graphicleftovers is well famous company over the past few years to do the above job. You can upload your graphics such as Illustrations, Icons, Web templates and elements and so on to Graphicleftovers. When somebody buys your product, you will receive 52% of selling price. Paypal, Moneybookers and checks are the payment options that you can select. They promise to out your payment within 24 hrs of your request. So, use graphics, as successful online business.


Self Employment said...

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How Can I Make Money said...

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Wealthy Affiliate Review said...

Online jobs are being very popular these days and a huge population is getting benefits of it. They are getting paid at home while working on internet at home only.