Monday, June 27, 2011

Earn Money Selling Used Computers

Nowadays computers is very common in everyone's home. Not only in the US and European Countries, but also in the Asian Countries too. US & Europeans use most latest and high performing machines, while most Asian use the second-hand computers. Many Europeans/us people throw away their computers after using a limited period. They don't try to repair and get them back to use. I have seen used computers have become a garbage item in many US houses. This can be a good money earning opportunity for those who can collect these used computers from developped countries and sell them to the Asian and other developping countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and so on. There are many buyer and demand for these used computer and computer related items. If you live in US, Europe, Japan or Singapore you can think about this. I am interested to earn money selling used computers. If somebody hope to join with me, don't hesitate to contact me.


Work From Home said...

This is the nice idea to earn money. The user of computer is increasing day by day. But all the user are not too much able to pay for new computer set. So this will be the best idea to sell used computers in low rates. This way the poor one can also get a set of computer in their affordable prices.

Anonymous said...

Best idea to make extra income using garbage items. There are few abandoned computers in my house. I am interested in to sell them out for cheap prices. I will try to find more machines and contact you soon.

make money online said...

I am interested in selling used computers in my country. I am Asian guy. If any person would like to supply some used computers for very cheap prices, please inform me.