Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Earn Income at Home Selling Your Old & Broken Mobile Phones

Almost every person use at least one mobile phone specially in Europe Countries by today. Mobile phone has become a fashion in most Asian Countries too. People don't like to use same phone for long period. They always interesting to change their old one. There is a business opportunity that you can earn income at home using old and broken phones. If you are willing to collect some broken and old mobile phones for cheaper prizes, you can sell them online and make profit. Some Internet sites buy these kind of M.P. and pay good money for their customers. One of the popular website is moneymagpie. There is a big data base including buyers and their pay rate per each phone. You can check that how much you can get by selling your old/broken phone by searching make and model of your phone in their data base (moneymagpie.com/recycle-your-mobile-for-cash).

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