Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stuffing Envelopes

stuffing envelopesPeople are always need some part time jobs to make some extra money. That's why they try to make money by stuffing envelops.

Work from home stuffing envelops is very often advertised which will help you to make money from home. But practically can we continue these kind of job? It is difficult to do. Mostly there can be scams than you are to earn real money.

Let's be realistic here. What reputable company is going to send you envelopes and supplies and have you stuff the envelopes & then mail them out? The answer is none.

However, with today's automation & cheap labour in developing countries, no company out there needs your services to stuff envelopes. So when you see these advertisements promising extra cash or a lot of cash for stuffing envelopes, turn the other way and run. Educate others so we can stop these scams from hurting people that can't afford to lose money in a work at home scam. So when you are trying to do these kind of jobs you have to think twice.

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