Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Legitimate work at home sites that have paid me

I worked as an ISO document controller for some international companies locally and abroad. I worked there on contract basis and when my contract period over I had to find another place to work. This was a headache for me. After my marriage, I decided to do another thing for living. I started a communication center with an internet cafe near my residence. Then, I had enough free time to use internet. I decided to start some part-time jobs which can do online from home. As a beginner, I did many jobs what I saw on the internet. But, a majority of them wasted my time & money. I found few sites that have paid me reasonable amount of money for my work. I have listed them below for your information.

AssociatedContent - Here you can earn money by submitting quality articles and videos. You will receive $3.00 to $20.00 per each. They also have a page view bonus too. You will be paid extra $1.5 for every 1000 page views of your article/ video. There are AC Content Producers make an extra $250 a month just off of the page view bonus. If you are good on writing articles & making videos, you will make a lot of money with associated content.

ExpoTV - This is little like associated content, but they accept only video reviews. You will be earned up to dollar 10 for each video. Also, you will get extra $0.01 per each view of video. If you have skills on producing videos, expotv will be a great place to earn money at home.

Except those, you can try CashCrate and TreasureTroopers to make money online. Both are GPT (get paid to) sites that have paid me over and over. We have to complete offers to make cash on these sites. You can earn some considerable amount of money using them.

There are tons of opportunities over the internet for earning money at home. But, most of them are scam. So, you have to be careful. Check the reputation of each site. Thank you!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Part-Time Jobs for Teachers After School Explained

If you are dreaming to be a teacher, it is a great idea because they give students the knowledge to succeed their life both in school and beyond the school. Most teachers are paid over the median for all occupations. Statistic of Srilanka Bureau of Labor indicate that there are over 50,000 teaching jobs are waiting for new candidates to all categories of teaching field. We can divide teachers for few categories such as preschool and K-12 teachers, post-secondary teachers and special education&other teachers. It is not easy becoming a teacher or similar level. Preschool teacher must have as associate's degree to be qualified for the position. Also, secondary and post-secondary teacher must have a bachelor's degree & a doctoral degree or a master's degree accordingly. However, cost of living is very high. Like others, teachers are very difficult living in this society with this economy. So, they need to find part-time jobs to do during their free hours. Teachers have three months vacation every year as same as college students. Also, everyday they have more free hours when comparing with other office personalities such as managers, clerks, accountants and so on. Actually, there are possibilities for teachers to do part-time jobs & make extra cash for their comfortable living.

There are a lot of things they can do as their second job. Teachers can start private tuition or they can do online or offline business or any other thing according to their abilities and skills. If you are interested in reading more about this title, visit to how can find teaching jobs free for graduates article that have submitted on 16th August 2017.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why and How to Find Teaching Jobs for Graduates

People in Srilanka annually graduated over 10,000 students from various faculties in universities. The majority of them join with the government and private sector to work and earn living. Some people migrate abroad for the job vacancies with their families or individually. Most societies have a balance of graduated people who have no jobs. This article will help them find-out some god's money locally or internationally until they get suitable permanent jobs.

There are huge competition from grade 01 to 12 at every school and cities among the children for education. Everybody tries to become first in the class. Also, they need successfully pass their exams and enter to universities. So, they need to get some extra education after schools and holidays. Graduated people can get some opportunities from this occasion. There is a lack of qualified external class teachers over the country. Especially for Mathematics, Science, Commerce and English subjects. Then, why you are not starting a private classroom at your home according to your favorite and skilled subjects. Your teaching method and student's exam results will decide your future. It will increase your class members and income too.

Also, you can teach through the internet to local and international students. However, you should have a good speaking and writing knowledge of English. You can charge per hour. As an online tutor you are not teaching only for college students but also elders too. You need broadband internet connection, online chatting software and instruments, a computer and a proper place. If you are interested in online teaching you can refer my earlier post on Ideas for finding online tutoring opportunities and jobs accordingly.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How to Make Money as an Online Writer

There is a good value for writing online and offline not only today but also in the ancient period too. Authors can drive the nation for the best or they can destroy whole society with their books, news papers and other written products. With the information technology writers have got wide range of opportunities and good value for their skills. Main reason is internet mainly uses text type media to show information to their visitors. There are many opportunities to make money by writing articles and others.

One of them is, you can work for websites or blogs as a content writer. Most web/blog owners pay a lot of money to quality articles. As most search engines wish high quality unique content in web/blog pages. As a result of quality information these pages moved higher in the search engine rankings. So, writers can write on their most experienced fields and they can get more and more information about these titles through the internet.

Also, you can write articles and sell them in forums or individual buyers. They will directly pay for your knowledge according to your skills. Some people do comfortable living by doing these kinds of jobs.

The last idea I want to introduce is, make your own website or blog to earn money online. Register for a cheap web hosting and get suitable web address according to your target. Design your site and include unique and valuable content in it. Publish them to your site visitors and accept their comments. Optimize your site to search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. You can use social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and so on to promote your site. Further, you can work with forums to drive more visitors to your site. You can earn by placing "Google Ad-sense," "Affiliate Programs" and selling advertisement spaces to the advertisers in your site. If you are interested in reading more about this you can follow Some ways to make internet money using TextBroker. Wish you all the best.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Small Scale Business Ideas for Housewives Online and Offline

One of my older post bears title real jobs for women's servant explained you to making money as a doula. After that, I have made few more home based business ideas for varieties of people according to their age and educational levels. World is changing day by day. We have to fight for living. It is a cool fight. Everyday,

1) Are you talented on paint, draw or sculpt? If you are creative, it drives you to search extra money from home. is a site which helps you for the above talents.

2) How about your writing skills? You can be an Author. Do some books on romance, cooking, children or whatever you are knowledgeable. Many women are willing on writing. You can make thousands of bucks by doing this. There are some website where you can sell them or give them to local bookshops.

3) "Cake Baker" is a good idea to on your offline business. There are endless opportunities locally to make different kinds of cakes for varieties of parties such as birthdays, weddings, retirement, housewarming, bachelorette and so on.

4) Event planner is another golden opportunity. You can plan wedding and birthday parties. Income is not bad. All the success.
online and offline medias introduce new opportunities to make some living comfortably at home sitting in front of your computer. With my "few ways to make legitimate money using a website" is shown you how website or blog open earning opportunities. I think they are helpful for your life. Today, I need to introduce few more facts about small scale business especially for housewives.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

How Can Make Dollars By Selling Conductive Paints(CP)

Everyone has experience with general paints that use for day to day purposes. Even children, work with some kinds of paints which have specially created for their educational uses at the schools, private educational centers or homes. But, 80% of the society don't know about Conductive Paints. 
What is a conductive paint? This is similar to other paints. Difference is you can conduct electricity through this paint. So, this is called as Wire Paint too. When these paint is made, some conductive materials are added. Metal powders are common materials that use to make CPs. Let's check the uses of wire-paints around the world. 

Computers, Laptops and other electronic machine manufacturing companies use this liquid when producing mother boards, keyboard and other similar parts. Also, it can be used on making birthday and other wishing cards to switch on the tiny bulb and play small sound clip. One guy have design their house without any plastic switches to light-up the bulbs. When touching the wall the bulbs are lighted-up. Some musical instruments are used CPs to increase the quality of the sounds. 
Making conductive paints are easy target. You can make them at home and make extra money by selling them online or offline. Some people make considerable income using wire paints at Amazon and eBay.
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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Make $$$ By Refilling Laser Toners

Today, Laser Printers are very common office and home machine that we use for day to day document printing purposes. From the beginning of 1960, we started printing using laser based printers. Hp, Xerox, Canon, LexMark and Brother are very common laser printer brand names. Toners are the containers of powdered inks that we should repeatedly supply to the printer.
There are a big market for the laser toners around the world. We can buy original and compatible toners from the market. Their prices and different. We also can refill the toners when they out of powder. This is a cheap way to reduce the printing cost. Some refilling institution make a lot of money by doing this in my country. It is not difficult getting a training about this online or offline. 2-3 weeks training is enough to jump start this business.
If you are an expert person on refilling, you can improve your business by re-manufacturing toners. You can buy ready made laser toner parts (such as drums, wiper blades, magnet, primary charger roller and so on) and assembly a toner-cartridge and pack them in a cardboard box and sell them as a re-manufactured-toner under your own brand name.

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